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Hi there. Want to know what inspires me, what are my goals, what makes me tick?? Welcome to my personal bucket-list.  This blog isn’t like my other posts. This one is uniquely mine. A free flowing sort of post about what I want to see and do in life. I figured it would be a cool feature for you my readers to get to know me on a more personal level, so here we are. You may look at many of these ideas and notes I put on here and think to yourself ” Damn this kid is ambitious. His ideas are so out there. He must be either really crazy or really stupid, maybe both!!! “. And to that I would have to reply “Thanks for the extremely kind words. You really do know me well. I am indeed ambitious, stupid and certainly crazy, but then again, all the best people are in my opinion “. You see I am a dreamer and I believe to achieve big goals in life you first need to have big dreams. I would rather dream to big and fall short but still achieve success in the form of progress than dream to small and not achieve anything at all. Hey that was almost poetic. Definitely Instagram caption worthy! After all I didn’t name my brand, ADVENTURED, for nothing now, did I? With a name like that, you know I have to deliver some exciting, slightly unrealistic, adventures for you guys. This list will obviously be a continuously changing project through my life. I’ll add things to the list, I’ll remove things from the list and I might even change the details on this list. But i feel I have been talking to long now, so without further ado, lets hop into it.

Top cities I want to visit

1. Tokyo

2. New York (for the second time)

3. London

4. Paris

5. Marrakech

One of the best views I have ever seen on my hikes. The climb was hard but for views like that I would do it again any day

Top Activities I want to try out

1. Skydiving

2. Surf Pipeline in Hawwaii

3. Complete a full marathon (42km)

4. Scubadiving in a beautiful location. Doesn’t matter where, just has to be beautiful

5. Roadtrip across my home country, South Africa

6. Roadtrip across the United States(two roadtrips in a row, can’t do that. Just wait it gets worse)

7. Do the Alaska to Argentina Pacific Highway. Scaling from the Northernest point accessible by road to Southern most accessible point of the Americas(Yip, I did warn you. Crazy!!!)

8. Trek a great amount of land on a horse/donkey. (This one should be real interesting since I have never rode a horse unassisted)

9. (Yip that should be enough crazy ideas for now)


Countries I would like to explore

I mean I want to go everywhere but there are a few places that I have been dreaming about for ages

1. Japan. A land where traditional meets modern in a perfect synergy

2. U.S.A , the land of the free,well that’s what the movies say anyway. I have been here in 2019 for 2 months and it was pretty darn cool! I worked as a summer camp councilor here. Lots of work, but a lot of fun. I might write a post about my experience. Comment below if you would read that.

3. New Zealand. The Adventure capital of the world so we definately gotta pay a visit sometime. Also Hobbits. My true nerdy self is showing here again. Sorry, not sorry.

4. India. I feel like it would be a massive culture shock but I think I can manage.

5. Germany. Don’t know. It seems cool.

6. Egypt. I hope I spelled that right. I always mix up the letters. Egypt needs no explanation.

Events I would like to witness with my own two eyeballs

1. The Olympics

2. X Games

3. Comic-Con (yes I am a bit of a nerd I know, but you know nerds run the world now. Thanks Bill Gates!!)

4. FIFA World Cup

5. World Surf League Big Wave Surfing Eevent

6. Fireworks on new years in Times Square, NY (Is that even a real thing? I don’t know, it should be if it isn’t)

Festivals I want to attend

1. The Festival of Colour in Mumbai,India

2. Burning Man (Come on, it’s awesome!!!)

3. The Rolling Cheese Festival in Europe somewhere (It’s a legit thing, I swear. Look it up, you will love it)

4. Christmas where there is actaul SNOW!!! Where I’m from, we go to the beach on Christmas because it’s so hot. It’s may seem strange to Europeans but if you are South African, it works.

Foods I want to munch on

Not really a foodie so I dont know what to add here. Sorry to dissapoint. Although I do hear people talk about nachos quite a lot. Don’t know what they are but they sound pretty good.

Skills I am currently working on

1. Writing (Well that’s obvious. I mean I do own a blog you know)

2. Photography. Not much to say here. It’s an artform

3. Youtube (Ye i make videos. Maybe you should subscribe. Just saying!!!)

4. Skateboarding. Love my skateboard

5. Social Media Marketing. (I mean it goes with the whole trying to make money online thing. A dudes gotta eat right?)

6. I would like to say surfing but the truth is I haven’t been in over a year. I could blame Covid but to be honest its just me being to lazy to wake up early in the morning to catch the best waves.

7. Exercise. Health is Wealth Right? This encompasses Bodyweight training, running and recently calisthenics (fancy word I know)


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