Blyde River Canyon

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At Ethan Exxplores I write about topics that I’m genuinely interested in. This ranges from Travel and Adventure stories, tips and tricks, and informative guides of our beautiful world at large and in a South African context. I also branch into more niche topics such as hiking, camping, climbing, surfing and mountain biking. I also have a strong passion for Photography, Cinematography and the Digital Nomad Lifestyle. If these are topics that you would like to learn more about this is the newsletter for you!


This is what is happening this week at Ethan Exxplores. This Bi-Monthly Newsletter is the place where I share my latest blog posts, filled with tons of useful titbits, with you all. But, that’s not all! I also share the current books I am reading, movie of the week, travel-orientated resources you might find helpful, travel YouTube videos that will fill you wanderlust, and of course a good ol’ Adventure Quote to inspire you.

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