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Ever wonder what it would be like to sleep in an underwater hotel room, surrounded by colourful schools of fish, or maybe you dream of sleeping in a converted jumbo plane, or perhaps you would prefer to live like a hobbit in a hobbit hole. Whatever your fantasy there is probably a hotel for it. These 35 of the most unique hotels in the world are like no other. 

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1. Jumbo Stay, Sweden

Stay in a full size, converted Jumbo Jet

Located in Stockholm airport this converted plane has a canteen that serves, guess what? That’s right, in flight meals and nothing else. The plane has a few suites and fully functional bathrooms. If you go, try get the master suite in the cockpit of the plane.


If you wish to stay in a converted plane with a bit more luxury and is no doubt quite a bit more expensive, then check out the Vliegtuigsuite Teuge.


2. The Boot, New Zealand

Something straight out of a Fairy-tale!

This romantic bed and breakfast cottage is the only accommodation in the 2.4 hectare Jester House Estate. Inside, there is a fireplace, kitchenette, and bathroom with a shower built for two. Up the spiral staircase, there is a queen-sized bed and a Juliet balcony that overlooks the pond and the fragrant gardens.


3. 9 Hours Capsule Hotel, Japan

9 hours is all you get!

Unlike traditional hotels, this one does not give you the luxury of spending as much time as you want in your hotel room. You have just 9 hours to check in, shower, go to sleep, wake up and check out. It’s perfect for the ultra work focussed, Japanese society or just curious tourists. This capsule hotel has an all white modern theme and even the staff members wear traditional white kimonos.


4. Barin Ski Resort, Iran

A ski resort like no other

Stepping inside Barin Ski Resort is like stepping into a building of the future. Everywhere you look is white, flowing arches and curves with no corners in sight. Both the interior and exterior is beautifully designed. Barin is situated in a stunning environment in the very heart of the Alborz Mountains, approximately 1 kilometre from the famed Shemshak Ski Resort.


5. Rotel, Germany

Go to sleep in one location, wake up in another

Think capsule hotel on wheels. It is absolutely genius. On the bus, you ride in passenger seats during the day and sleep in 6x6x3ft capsules at night. There is a large kitchen on board for food but you may have to go a few days until you reach a shower as there isn’t one on the bus. These busses are situated all the around the world, Africa, Russia, even the Artic. Sounds like my kind of an adventure!!


For a similar experience, but with this one you get to see polar bears up close, check out Tundra Buggy Lodge, Canada


6. MV Desafio, Brazil

Cruise down the Amazon River in style

Spend 4 leisurely days onboard an old ship, floating down the Amazon River, basking in the sun, while watching the wildlife slowly passing you by. It might be the laziest way to explore the Amazon jungle but it sure is relaxing.


If you prefer to stay situated in one place on the river then check out the eco friendly, 5 star Amazon Jungle Palace which as the name suggests is a floating palace on the Amazon River.


7. La Balade Des Gnomes, Belgium

Stay in this one of a kind Wooden sculpture

Architect, Mr Noel, built and operates La Balade des Gnomes – an unusual hotel with 10 crazy rooms guaranteed to captivate the imagination. In fact, the motto of the hotel is “all that you can imagine is real”


8. The Witchery by the Castle, Scotland

Get transported back to the 16th century

Hidden in the heart of Edinburgh’s historic Old Town lies The Witchery, located at the top of Scotland’s famous Royal Mile. With just nine unique and theatrical inspired suites, guests will feel like royalty in this intimate space. Each room is individually named, from the Armoury and the Library to the Sempill and the Turret. Described by Cosmopolitan as “one of the seven wonders of the hotel world,” each room is completely unique, but all feature antiques, historic fittings and roll-top baths for two.


9. Hobbit Motel, New Zealand

Get in touch with your inner Geek

For hardcore Lord of the Rings and Hobbit fans like myself these humble holes in the ground are like a dream come true. A night or two at this Shire like accommodation will help you unwind and embrace your inner hobbit.


If you can’t afford to make the journey to Middle Earth (New Zealand) then Hobbitenango, located in Latin America might be a more viable option to fulfil your geeky needs.


10. Hotel Unique, Brazil

Unique. It is literally in the name!

Shaped like a huge boat, the brave architecture of Hotel Unique is making waves in the trendy city of Sao Paolo. Architect Ruh Ohtake has used the wedge-shape of his building to create floors that get progressively wider the higher you go. Every evening, the rooftop Skye bar collects sophisticated men and martini-glass girls around its long swimming pool, designer sofas, and 360-degree views of Sao Paolo.


11. Hotel CasAnus, Belguim

Learn about Human Anatomy in a whole new way

Unlike most large intestines, (like the ones typically found in human bodies), this one features a double bed, shower, and central heating. The exterior of the room has even been sculpted with bulging veins and painted a deep red to make it look all the more realistic. The interior is bright white, complete with windows and tubular, curved walls to really make travellers feel like they are sleeping inside an extremely vital part of the human digestive system. But fear not, you won’t go hungry in these parts as breakfast is included! Not exactly my cup of tea, but hey, to each his own, I suppose.


12. Ooops Hotel, Sweden

“Yes it is meant to look like a sinking house!!!”

At first glance, it looks like this hotel is a victim of flooding – half submerged in Lake Mälaren. The foundations, driven into the lake bed, have been made to look as if they are the ground floor of a house creating a cunning illusion.


13. The Museum Hotel Antakya, Turkey

Are you history buff? Then you will love this hotel

This hotel has a very unique feature. That feature being the oldest mosaic floor ever to be discovered, dating back 2000 years. When the mosaic was discovered the hotel had to make a choice. Find a different site to build the hotel or find a way to continue building without damaging the piece of history. They chose the latter. The hotel is built over the mosaic which takes up the entire first floor and doubles as a museum.


14, Sharma Springs, Indonesia

Stay in the World’s Biggest Bamboo Structure

This bamboo property stands 6 storeys tall and is nestled along the edge of the Ayung River valley. It features 4 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a spacious living room, a private plunge pool, and a guest house.


For other bamboo like structures around the world check out Sekeping Serendah, Malaysia or Bamba Indah, Indonesia

15. Jules Underwater Lodge, U.S.A

A true Adventure under the Sea

If you are very adventurous then you will love this place. In order to get down to Jules, you actually have to scuba dive down to the entrance. There are very few places in the world that bring beauty, nature and history together in an unforgettable way. And when it comes to hotels, the Jules’ Undersea Lodge provides a unique experience. Initially, the hotel located in Key Largo, Florida, was constructed as a marine life research lab. After it was closed down, the area was redesigned to provide guests, with the experience of a lifetime. The room is over 30 feet deep stuck on the ocean floor, which makes it the only underwater hotel in the United States. Ever since 1986, when it was opened, the hotel offered guests the chance of waking up with amazing views of sea creatures swimming around them. However, scuba diving certification is required. Currently, the Jules’ Undersea Lodge features one retreat including two bedrooms and one bathroom. Additionally, visitors can also attend the scuba diving school.


16. Utter Inn, Sweden

Stay in a floating house with underwater observatory


This unique houseboat at first glance, seems like a drift away shed floating on a lake, but a closer look inside reveals a tube, that leads to the bedroom, which has an underwater observatory, where you can view the fish swimming by. The water isn’t that clear though, so no promises. Still, it is a very unique way to relax on the lake for a day or two.


17. Seaventures Dive Rig, Malaysia

Spend a beautiful few days diving and basking in the sun on an old oil rig

This hotel is a diver’s dream. It’s for serious divers who want to explore the oceanic depths of the Coral Triangle off the Coast of Mabul Island. The hotel is a converted oil platform that was designed for deep sea oil drilling. Now, instead of being about man controlling the environment, it’s about man exploring the environment. Day and night dives are available and all trips are included in the price. When you’re not diving you can enjoy 360 degree views from the platform located 10 meters above sea level. In the evening there is an extensive menu and even the odd performance by a touring band. There is a sun deck for you to relax after a long day’s diving or make new friends with fellow diving enthusiasts. There is a games room, TV/DVD Lounge and conference room. Your room has air conditioning and wifi is available.

18. Wellington Zoo, New Zealand

Experience a side of the zoo most people don’t get to see

Although the Wellington zoo is not actually a hotel accommodation, it does offer a very unique sleepover experience. You can book a night sleepover at the zoo, for up to 80 people, and you are able to explore the zoo and see all the animals under the cover of darkness. You are also given a tour of the zoo the next morning before the hoards of visitor’s arrive and crowd up the animal’s (and your) style.


19. Mara River Safari Lodge, Indonesia

Think African safari, in Asia

This lodge is unique in that it offers the traditional African safari experience, but in Indonesia. This lodge also gives you the chance to get up close and personal with many of the wildlife. You can even feed zebras from the comfort of your own balcony. The lodge offers a variety of activities for guests to enjoy. From animal rides and shows, to a safari journey that takes folks through the jungle of Sumatra, to the hippos and cheetah in Lake Manyara, there are plenty of exciting opportunities for everyone. Hungry from all that exploring? Grab a bite to eat at the Tsavo Lion Restaurant where guests are surrounded by glass panels, creating an observation deck of sorts to watch the lions, and Mount Agung in the distance. It is an amazing and unique setting for travellers to dine on authentic African food. If you happen to be in Bali, why not peel away from the tropical crowds for a few days and enjoy a true bush adventure.


20. Henn-Na Hotel, Japan

Stay in this high tech hotel and get checked in by a Robot Dinosaur

Located in Nagasaki, Japan this high tech hotel has a staff mainly made up of robots. Cool right! You can get checked in by a robot dinosaur and then get your luggage taken to your room by a porter robot. This hotel’s commitment is “for evolution in striving for the extraordinary sensation and comfort that lies beyond the ordinary.” Another quirk of this innovative hotel is the use of facial recognition; with keyless locking and entry, guests need not worry about forgetting key cards during their stay. However, if facial recognition technology isn’t your thing, you can request a card key if you wish. The hotel doesn’t offer a restaurant but it is within walking distance of a few. So would you do it? Would you stay in a hotel of the future if you got the chance? I know I definitely would.


21. Hotel not Hotel, Netherlands

An Art Mecca

It’s certainly easy to remember the name and with a central Amsterdam location, it’s also easy to find. What really stands out though is the hotel’s commitment to arts. The rooms themselves are designed as artworks, with creative input by the Collaboration-O which was founded at the Eindhoven Design Academy. The rooms, hallways and lounge area feel like an exhibition, and there is plenty to look at. Check out the creatively named suites: Fading Colours, Crisis Free Zone, Printed House, Mr. and Mrs. De With, and Crow’s Nest. Personal favourite being the bookcases which hides secret chambers where you can feel like a treasure secured for the night.

22. Holman Husky Lodge, Norway

Experience the Northern Lights in these comfortable, igloo like structures

Located just outside the small city of Alta, the Holmen Husky Lodge didn’t start as a tourist endeavour. When owner Eirik Nilsen moved to Alta in 1987, it was to race. Alta is home to the Finnmarksløpet dogsled race, the longest race of its kind in Europe, and Eirik has run it more than a dozen times (and has three wins under his belt).

In 1996, though, Eirik realized that visitors to Alta were interested in dogsledding, too – and so the Holmen Husky Lodge was born. To get to the lodge you can drive up from Atla, or you can ride the much more exciting, dog-sledding team of dogs, 15km through the snow up to the lodge. Once you arrive you will greeted with these traditional tent-like structures called lavvu, which are made of half glass, half wood. Cosy up in the thick Norwegian blankets with a fire crackling a few feet away. Take a peek outside at the beautiful snowy landscape and if you are lucky you may even see the northern lights. Staying here is a true winter wonderland.


23. Das Park Hotel, Germany

People will make a hotel out of anything nowadays

Ever wondered what it might be like to live in a sewer pipe? No? Me neither. But the clever people at Das Park Hotel did and now they have opened a hotel where the rooms are made from old sewer pipes. Be warned though there are no amenities or hotel service for these pods. The hotel has a ‘pay what you like’ policy. Perfect for those who love the unique and unusual.


24. Bivacco Gervasutti, Italy

Wake up to a view of the majestic Dolomite Mountains


Looking to spend a night or two in a space-age capsule that appears to be teetering off the edge of a cliff? Set 9,300 feet (2,835 meters) above sea level on the Frebouze Glacier in the Mont Blanc massif in Italy, Bivacco Gervasutti, named after the Turin-born Alpine climber Giusto Gervasutti, replaces a modest wooden shelter built in his memory in 1948. Mont Blanc, literally meaning “White Mountain,” has the highest peak in Europe and lies in a range that spans Italy and France. A popular spot for hiking, skiing, and snowboarding, Mont Blanc is now home to this capsule hotel.


25. Hotel Marmara Antalya, Turkey

Does a rotating hotel peak your interest? Check this out

Antalya is one of Turkey’s most beautiful cities with a sequence of historic buildings that makes a dramatic skyline. To fully appreciate this, the Hotel Marmara has built a special loft on top of its normal hotel building. Containing 24 rooms, the loft is designed to rotate through 360º using different speeds. It can make the journey as quick as two hours or at a more gentle speed, completing the rotation in 22 hours. The whole 2750-ton building is floated on a pool with the lower three floors submerged. This cuts down on the friction as electric motors turn the building. After a long sleep in your revolving room you can spend the day exploring Antalya or take advantage of the hotel’s private beach, Olympic-sized pool and artificial river.


26. Inntel Zaandam, Netherlands

A crazy mismatching, Dutch, Façade like no other

Only a short train ride from Amsterdam’s city center, you will find this strange mismatch of colours, shapes and designs. 12 Stories high this hotel is like nothing you have ever seen before. If you heading to Amsterdam in the near future, put this place on the bucket list.


27. The Beaumont Hotel, The Gormley Suite, England

Spend a night in this minimalistic Art Sculpture

Located in the upscale Mayfair district of London, The Beaumont is a five-star hotel near the Hyde Park. The distinguishing feature of this luxurious hotel is The Gormley Suite created by Antony Gormley. The Gormley Suite has a dark, mysterious, cave-like space. Entering the dark oak-clad bedroom through the marble stairs you land in sculptured darkness. The lightly lit and heavily soundproofed room will require your senses to get awakened. A unique, zen-retreat-like space in the middle of a busy city.


28. Lifeboat Hotel, Netherlands

Being stranded in a lifeboat has never been this convenient

Yes you can actually stay in a retired lifeboat, but the coolest part about this boat, is that it still runs, and if you have the coin, you can hire a captain to take you out on the open sea. This lifeboat saw active service for over 30 years as part of England’s royal coastguard. It performed 105 rescue operations and saved 45 people from drowning. It was saved itself from the scrap yard by a Dutch lifeboat enthusiast who restored it and moored it in Harlingen Harbour. Now it will rescue you from mundane hotels.


If the the lifeboat bug has gripped you after staying here then check out these. Capsule Hotel or Yellow Sub, Liverpool, U.K


29. Sala Silvermine, Sweden

Silvermine converted into a underground place of solitude

Lounge on your luxury leather chair underneath a delicate chandelier that hangs from the roof of a room which has been tunnelled out of a pure rock, 155 meters below the surface. So yes, the hotel is in a converted silver mine. You are pretty much left alone down there with staff on the surface. So you get the whole place to yourself. There is plenty of adventure to be had around the place. You can do a high-wire assault course, go whizzing on a zip wire and explore the subterranean world of the silver mine through several different tracks. If you like your golf, there is a fine course above ground for you to check out 10 kilometres from Sala Silvermine. The hotel also conserves the mine’s unique history and historical tours are available too. It is also the site of some of the finest cave-diving in the world. Down here, under the water, there is no current and the environment has been untouched by oxygen and light so you enter and brave a mysterious world of labyrinthine tunnels and plunge-pools.

If you somehow love the idea of being stuck hundreds of feet underground with only your thoughts and fears to keep you company then check out Wieliczka Mine, a salt mine in Poland. It’s a site that deserves it’s own spot on this list, but for the sake of not having the same type of accommodation on this list, I will just give it a mention


30. Book and Bed, Tokyo, Japan

Bookworms can stay in an actual library

Book lovers rejoice! A self-proclaimed “accommodation bookshop,” Book and Bed Tokyo is essentially a library that guests can snooze in. This affordable hostel has room for 30 guests and a selection of 1,700 books in both Japanese and English. Each small room comes with a book light so you can spend time reading at all hours. Books even hang from the ceiling and visitors are welcome to read whatever they would like, whenever they would like. The hotel is reached by an elevator that brings guests up to the seventh floor, into a wood-panelled lobby; Book and Bed hides its beds behind bookshelves, with some guests only able to access theirs by climbing ladders. The hotel’s website explains, “there are no comfortable mattresses, fluffy pillows nor lightweight and warm down duvets.” Rather, guests are invited to read until the words blur into dreams.


31. Kruisheren Hotel, Netherlands

Ultra modern meets ultra Old-School

This 15th century church has been converted into a modern state of the art hotel. The renowned designer, Henry Vos, has incorporated the beautiful architectural elements into the contemporary design that offers guest both luxury and style. This hotel is a perfect fusion of old and new.


32. Eden Motel, Taiwan

The Batcave is no longer just a work of Fiction

Set in the middle of the bustling Kaohsiung City in Taiwan, lies the rent by the hour Eden Motel. The 22 themed rooms come in four flavours: World – virtual travel to faraway countries, Fantasy – romantic and love overdose settings, Fashion – quirky rooms with barbwire and design , and my favourite the Batman suite. The carefully designed world of Gotham features a large Batman bed, a mini Batman mobile that seems to function as a sofa, Batman posters and logos all over and a TV to watch your favourite Batman movie, or something else. Did I mention that the minimum stay is 3 hours? Not days, hours. The perfect playground for your kids to enjoy the mystical world of Batman, or something else.


33. Hotel Jested, Czechia-Republic

Book your stay at the giant cone with amazing views!

Situated in the northern mountains of the Czech Republic, Hotel Ještěd dominates the skyline of the Liberec region. Reaching an altitude over 1,000 meters, it has been a significant landmark and place of historic importance. The overall aesthetics make it seem as if it belongs in a science fiction film, the innovative design has combined a TV tower, hotel, and restaurant all in the same structure. Every room offers amazing views. You can also take the trip to the summit of the mountain, in the cable car, if you wish.


34. Ship in the Ice, Norway

Feel like an intrepid adventurer by staying on a stranded ship on the ice

Situated on a frozen lake in Tempel fjord, a ship surpassing 100 years of age sits, that has been remade into a very nice accommodation. Sure, they could probably thaw the ship out, but what’s the fun in that? It’s far more exciting to be aboard a historic ship stuck in the ice, and so far the only ice-bound hotel ship in the world. From the hotel you can book snowmobiles to shred around in. Besides all the adventure and sightseeing, you can also expect a provided breakfast, some touring of historic buildings and then a five-course meal after a full day’s fun


35. Cappadocia Cave Suites, Turkey

Cosy up in luxury cave suite in the beautiful region of Cappadocia

Explore the beautiful region of Cappadocia in Turkey and see the unique rock formations it is known for. Book a hot air balloon ride and see the beautiful landscape from the air. Once you have done your sightseeing for the day book a stay in one of the cave suites, which are meticulously carved into stunning curving arches and walls. If you want to feel like a cave man but don’t want to leave behind the modern comforts of home then this is the place for you.

There are many cave like hotels/lodgings in the world. Check out Berggasthaus Aescher, Kokopelli’s cave, Mexico, The Caves, Jamaica or Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civita, Italy for similar cave experiences.

Staying at any of these unique hotels will certainly be an experience to remember for the rest of your life. Which one of these places would you choose to lay your head for a night or two? This list is part 2 of the most unique hotels in the world so go check out part 1 if you haven’t already, linked below. It does not end there though. There are plenty of other strange and unique hotels that didn’t make the list that I simply must share with you guys. That’s why part 3 of this series is coming next.

Part 1 – ‘ 25 of the most unique hotels in the world

Part 3 – ‘ 33 More Unique Hotels in the world ( Pt.3 )

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